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A series of articles regarding working as a photographer’s assistant.

What’s in a name?

The following are all different ways that I’ve come across of describing the job of the person who assists photographers, and there are probably more. Is there any difference between them? And should it be important how you describe yourself? Photographic Assistant Assistant Photographer Assisting Photographer Photographer’s Assistant Photo Assistant Photography Assistant Photographic Assistant This was the term I learnt first and believed … Continue Reading ››

What is a photo assistant?

assistantwithgaffer All-round super-hero A good assistant is someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions. Someone who has an almost scientific attention to detail. Someone who has initiative, who can help the photographer out of a tricky spot. Someone with diplomacy. Someone who’s enthusiastic. Someone who leaves their own photographic aspirations at the studio door. Someone with useful contacts. Someone with a good … Continue Reading ››